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Postby Elm » Sun Feb 11, 2007 11:53 pm


"During the Harts' 'Oaths Night', The Wolf Faction learned that the unliving corruption which causes all who die on Albion to rise as unliving is being perpetuated by the Lions Faction."

I am awaiting proof from the Wolves.

I would be interested that if those that know me would be so kind as to contact regarding the above, for it seems that unless the Lions faction has changed beyond recognition since the Gathering 1106, then the above statement is unlikely to be true.

Elm, of the Runners.


Postby Pericles » Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:14 am


Good to see you, its been too long.

If what you say is the case, I believe it is certainly news to us. I will endeavour to find out what connection there is, but I sincerely doubt this is truthful.

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Postby Aija » Mon Feb 12, 2007 12:21 am

Elm, if you could contact me privately I believe I can clear this up. I think I know exactly where this has stemmed from.
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Postby Pericles » Mon Feb 12, 2007 11:05 pm


A full Lions report into this matter has been drafted. It is currently under discussion by the Faction and will be published for your perusal in due course.


Postby Pericles » Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:06 am


I have a response for you, please take this as the Faction position.

A Report on the Harts Oathsnight

It would appear that a great deal of misinformation was brought up at this gathering, most of it directed against the Lions Faction.

The new dictator of the Harts – Lord William Hulce – whose family were previously friends of the Lions faction in 1102, has strong links with the Vipers. His sister is a member of the Teutonian Court and was taught demonology, which is illegal on Harts lands. Hulce seized control of the faction after the death of Lord Michael and it would seem he has made efforts to consolidate his position during the Oathsnight, so as to convince some amongst his own nation that his decisions are the right ones for their people.

Some reports indicate that a public announcement was made from the Harts to declare war on the Lions Faction, this has later been clarified to a state of diplomatic warfare (the definition of which remains unclear). The reasons given for this were related to the depredations of a Liche known as Castell. It was stated that the Lion’s creation of a magical banner severed part of the link between Albion and Avalon thereby creating a hole that this necromancer could exploit and construct a phylactery with. According to this account, the result after Castell’s defeat was that certain areas of Albion are now tainted so that any who die are immediately raised as zombies.

Since this theory would require the Lions to be morally, emotionally or physically capable of destroying any demi-plane, let alone that which many of us still call home, we would presume that this accusation has been misreported to us. We would welcome hearing the correct wording of the accusation, as this does not seem something that would have been given credibility. However, with this “evidence" presented, it was felt that the blame for the matter lay with the Lions Faction

Further research conducted into the matter by the Lions refutes this charge. It was stated by the Liche in question that Existance caused Avalon's destruction.

Testimony from Prince Hengist also corroborates that the Lions were not involved in any tampering with, or the eventual destruction of Avalon. This was perpetrated by Existence alone and by all accounts, this was done very neatly.

One speculative explanation would be that the energy Castell was able to tap into came from the collapsing of the closed paths to Avalon; no longer in present once the realm itself was gone.

Another speculative explanation was that binding Nimue into the Banner of Avalon - neither of which had any connection to Avalon following the Realms' destruction - was somehow responsible. There is nothing to support this theory.

It is regrettable that during the entirety of the proceedings against the Liche Castell, the Harts have made no effort to inform the Lions of what was transpiring or to contact us in relation to any of these suspicions. The nearest to any formal approach was an informal approach via the Healers Guild, which was immediately taken seriously.

Speculation as to why a connection was made to blame the Lions is currently rife.
Drawing on the substantial testimony received, it can be surmised that a reason for connecting the matter to actions perpetrated by the Lions might have been to persuade some who might doubt Hulce's decision to support the Vipers. The swift response of the Teutonians to the announcement would seem to corroborate this. Stesha made an immediate announcement declaring any Lion found on Teutonian soil would be executed immediately.

The Lions Faction would like to make clear that ANY struggle against a perpetrator of necromancy would be supported by us with as much force as could be mustered. The Lions wish to make it clear that there is no truth in the accusations at hand. We would welcome an opportunity to see any evidence that was presented in support of them, so that we can better understand how such a grave misapprehension could have arisen. With a clean conscience in this matter, the Lions Faction will maintain an open invitation to the Harts to name whatever assistance they require and steps will be taken to make sure it is provided.

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Postby Prophet » Mon Oct 29, 2007 8:05 pm

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Jøsef Lambsen
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Postby Jøsef Lambsen » Tue Oct 30, 2007 6:54 pm

Forgive me for dropping in here, but I do not wish to congest your lines of communication with requests that might bear no fruit and serve merely to sit forever, unread yet taking up space...

One of our sergeants has gone missing. We have searched for him but to no avail.

He is known to us as Snorri, you may remember him as the acting sergeant for yourselves who was the Ragger liason for the final battle at the Gathering of nations this summer. (About 5'10, touseld, curly dirt blondish hair, ugly as sin, but don't hold it against him)

If anyone has any knowledge of his whereabouts it would set our minds to rest.

Thank you.

Yours, aye.

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