A final farewell to the Lions

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Postby Voss Fenrick » Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:38 pm

Well, I found this when I was sorting through some stuff I wrote just after the End of the Dreaming.

A Price Willingly Paid

The red sun rose high in the sky
And the valiant did raise a cry
For the shadows did flee all around
Dead Nosta-Kar left on the ground

Yet it was a victory bought with blood
The earth was soaked with red flood
Salty tears ran on many a proud face
A triumph gained by ancestors’ grace

Was that price worth being paid?
The loss of Rhino a worthy trade
Was his sacrifice too high a cost?
The way to Avalon forever lost

They died so that the Lions could live
Surrendered all that they could give
To halt the black tide shining bright
The gateway to Avalon was closed tight

The burden of golden darkness taken
King and Gate Guard were not forsaken
We shall not forget their great sacrifice
Names remembered under roaring device

The price of freedom is never cheap
But is what we paid for it too steep
No say I for it was willingly given
The way that Lions have always striven
To sunder darkness in Justices Flame

Olorian Ry'shar - sent over the lays to Lantia 17th day of the Seventh Month 1107.
IC Voss Fenrick, Talcontar Irregular, Ambassador & Carpenter.
OOC - John Weir
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