Lions Fallen

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Lions Fallen

Postby Alrisha » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:44 pm

Lions, I don't know where to begin, I lost too many in Norsca, Jackals I called friends, Our newly crowned Lord. But the Lions have suffered losses that I will miss. As I said to some of you in Norsca. I do not mourn the dead, I remember them for those remembered are honored. Tell their stories, remember their deeds and in that way they do not truly leave you.

I speak here now to remember three that you have lost. I know you have a place to remember your dead as we do, and I will remember ours in our way. But this is the only way I can remember my Lion friends. I hope it is appropriate.

And how can I not begin with your King.

Its funny, I find that I'm not quite sure what to say. To me he meant a lot because he accepted me in your Prince's life. He saw the truth in me and while we didn't always see eye to eye on things I could always talk to him. He was respected across all the Factions, but I don't need to tell you that, you all saw it that night. I was honoured to have been in your camp when he said goodbye to you all.

Maya Talthor. Another that logic dicated our paths shouldn't cross, an Armengarian and a Maurabian, a Healer and...well, not. But Maya had a way of making people like her. She was a good person who lived a lot in her short life, who gave a lot, who believed in and gave everything she was to furthering life. And Maya was a friend to me. One I talked with, drank with, laughed with. I will miss her.

And of course. Neantog Dreamstruck. What to say about a woman that once saved me from a rather vicious chicken. The Lions know most of what I could say, you know everything she did for your people. You made her your Champion and she was that in spades. But it wasn't just the Lions that will miss this woman. Neantog, You were a friend. You were one of the first, you and Ravenfire to look past what I did to who I was and well, you know where that one eventually lead, so thank you. I'd say rest well but you'll get there and let on you know what you're doing.

May all of your fallen find rest for they will be judged as honoured dead.

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