A General Numbness

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A General Numbness

Postby Dicky » Wed Aug 29, 2012 12:32 pm

As a sell word, it is not often I struggle to find something to say. Looking back at the losses that have befallen the Lions this past season is one of those times.

Returning the remains of Boom, Galab and the others that fell at Bedlam was painful, coming so soon after Wenceslas, but I have already spoken to you all of that.

King Hengist McConnell. He was the personification of the Lions. Although I walked away from the faction, he held my loyalty. I regarded him as not only my lord but my friend as he was friend to many. He was prone to righteous fury when his subjects were threatened and defended Lantia with all his might. A leader respected throughout Erdreja. I fondly remember standing by his side as he invaded the jugger pitch as I would not leave a lion to stand alone. He stood there with his pipe and we took a beating but he had this crazy grin that made it all worthwhile. In the end the sacrifice made to heal Lenia weakened him so it made it easier for enemies of Lantia to remove him. He died in battle and I cannot think that he'd have wanted to pass on in any other way.

Knight General Neantog Dreamstruck-Zeal. I have often been critical of the Lions military and their ability to adapt to changing battle circumstances. Neantog was a different breed of military commander, capable of breaking from the tried and tested and often ineffectual, to trying new tactics and continually challenging. I admired and approved of her meteoric rise in command. More than this she was my friend, when dodging Tarantulan assassins, she offered me sanctuary, a dangerous thing to do, but she held her friendships dear.

Maya Talthor. I really did not understand her background or role. I respected her courage and determination. She stalwartly defended our missions and healed our wounded as well as being quick witted enough to foresee issues and try to prevent them becoming stumbling blocks. She had a fierce heritage and an assassin's poisoned blade is not what she deserved. I am proud to have known her.

Illyrio Darkendale-Mortain. I really do not thik he liked me one little bit. I certainly would not have counted him a friend. He was focused on the prosperity and continued existence of the Lions. I saw the honour with which he conducted himself at First Spear Memorial Combat Tourney. His skill with a blade just as quick and sharp as his dealings as Quartermaster for the nation. The Lions have lost a loyal servant and a fine mind

Culruccan Shadefellow Darkendale, husband of my niece. You earned her love and my respect. You were a rock in defence of your lands and in the raising of your children. Fates have treated you cruelly and I hope that now you are able to rest. Niece I will come to visit to help you break the news to your children or just lend my support, besides Ali could do with a decent midwife.

Just because I serve a different nation now, it does not mean I have forgotten the lands that raised me to prominence. Stay well Lions and live up to your battle cries. I salute you.
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