A Postponement

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A Postponement

Postby Dicky » Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:26 pm

When I joined the Unicorns as an ambassador at the Summer Moot of 1111, I said I would give them a year and help them become a stronger nation with an organised diplomatic corps, so that as an allied nation the Lions would not be dragged into conflicts that could have been avoided.

At the unicorns Spring Parliamanet, I was promoted to the post of Foreign Minister, following the death in a ritual of the former post holder and most of the existing diplomatic corps. I swore to serve a year and a day from that point to rebuild their diplomatic corps.

At The Gathering Of Nations, just past, the Role of the Foreign Minister was elevated to that of just below a consul, now looking after both Guild Liaisons and Ambassadors, I have a diplomatic corps of 6 and one guild liaison. This work is not yet done.

I also have a new Lord Unicorn to serve, who has leant heavily on me in his few short days in office, for my counsel in how to steer the Unicorns away from conflict and reviewing decisons made in the past. Leander has given me a mission that will not be completed within the contracted time span.

For these reasons I am postponing my return to Lantia, although the Unicorns have overlooked asking me to extend my contract. I will continue to share information that may impact the Lions with Shiva and have the Lions agenda in my mind, but for now I must remain in Mauritania. Both nations being strong benefits both nations.
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