Family Reunion

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Family Reunion

Postby Dicky » Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:20 pm

Tanner stepped out from the transport circle on Tamarus, phalanxed by the guard that never seems to leave his side in these darker days. Placed there by the order of Lord Janus Agamennon Wyndsor-Smythe, The Consul of the West. With nation warring against nation coupled with his sensitive mission brief from the Lord Unicorn, Leander, has led to the Unicorns very much wanting to keep him alive.

A couple of servants from Castle Leonia were pulling a cart loaded with three straw filled dummies in the shape of bulls for the young ones. Hunting dummies at the very least.

"Keep your hands away from your weapons here folks." he advised their captain. "Although we're amongst friends, a misplaced gesture could result in you being torn limb from limb, before we're recognised as friendly."

The Unicorns had been told where he was going and where to send important messages to. He could start to plan his mission here as well as anywhere, but he couldn't plan anything with his niece in distress. He'd sent a message to Gokstaad, but did not know whether Ali was well enough to make the journey. He would have to visit there too soon as well, as matters of state or no, he would not let Ali go through the pregnancy alone, although The Wanderers of the Vale would be lending a hand, he had a husband’s duties to attend to.

For now though Ravenfire and her cubs were his priority. Once again fate had dealt her a severe blow. Yes, she was all grown up and with a guild to run, but she would always be his little niece, so recently discovered, but nonetheless precious. She was there when the twisted creature her father had become was slain and thereby gaining his peace. The abomination they turned her husband into and the cruellest conditional of his eternal rest needed family by her side. Blood family.

Red would be here as her aide and would be ministering as best he could, Tanner had held off until the moon had waned, but now he was her he could not think of a think to say.

“I’m hungry” he thought, but then realised it was not his stomach growling.
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Re: Family Reunion

Postby ravenfire » Fri Sep 07, 2012 3:37 pm

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