An offer of support

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An offer of support

Postby HuginUath » Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:48 pm

Dear Lions of Lantia

Our noble Ranulf Tepes bought news of your recent trip to tackle the beast known as Tatalus. It is with some sorrow I hear that a number of your nobles fell this past weekend and I wish to offer my condolences to the families and also to the groups for whom they represented.

I hope that they died with honor and that their deaths came with the blood of your enemies on their weapons.

As a Teutonian, we have sought to build a greater relationship between the Lions and the Vipers in recent months and as such, I come here to offer my services to you in this time of loss.

As a competent ritualist, I am more than happy to offer up my services to your faction should you need someone to lead a ritual. I am happy to provide assistance in the form of contributors and work with your faction to achieve whatever it is you wish to create.

I picked up a number of your folk at recent events and was always met with a hand shake (or in some instances a grizzled frown and a waagghh) and as such will always keep my eye out to make sure you are not bleeding out.

Should you wish to contact me, you can find me at Le Olde Facebook where I am often sat at the bar under the alias Daniel alternatively Otto as I like to drink a little incognito.

Once again, my sincerest regards to those that have fallen.

With respect

Judge Otto
Judge Otto Von Death - Viper High Court Judge

Previously Hugin Uath - Died GEF 1113

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