Movin' on.

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Movin' on.

Postby Dozer » Sun Oct 19, 2014 9:09 pm

Oi Oi Lions.

First of all congratulations 'ave to be said for givin' Tatalus a kickin' dis campaign. Let's 'ope 'ee is proper gone naa, an' doesn't some 'ow worm 'is way back!

Fanks for lookin' after our new recruit Hamma, we sent Scraps to tell 'im we weren't gonna be on campaign but we're sad to 'ear we 'ave lost Scraps as well naa. I 'ope she got sent to da Spiral an everyone 'ad a good send off!

Now da Squad 'ave been knockin 'eads an 'avin discussions amongst ourselves an we 'ave decided dat naa is as good a time as any to make our move to anuvver Faction. We 'ave made some very strong relationships in da Lions since we woke up from Orst an you blokes 'ave done a lot for us! 'owever stayin in one place for too long ain't chaotic enough.

In da Spring last year '1113' me an Bez went on campaign wiv da Unicorns to da Everwood, while we was der Bezerka fought Lord Talon one on one in a blindfolded knife fight an so out of respect Lord Talon granted Squad D freedom in da Everwood. After we faand Snacks, one of Lord Cleaver's Red Caps 'oo also lives in da Everwood. Eatin' 'is way aat of our quarry collapse at da Summer Moot '1114' 'ee reminded us of dat freedom we was granted an so we 'ave decided to move to Mauritanja an join da Unicorns faction.

We will still be abaat an will come visit everyone when we can but for now we we wish you well, look after each uvver an 'appy 'unting!

If anyone wants to contact us feel free to send me an imp an 'opefully I will get it.
"Ahh, my friend!"

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Dead Toad
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Re: Movin' on.

Postby Dead Toad » Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:10 am

Oh dats why scraps was trying ta find me! Right-e-o lion boys, fanks for letting me crack some skullz wiv ya it was a blast. Massive fanks to da armourors contingent for dragging me ta the front lines with ya, proper right mash up :D
Cheers all does who kept me belly full of alcimahol, proper can't fight right on an empty stomach!
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Re: Movin' on.

Postby Jesterface » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:02 pm

Bare sorrows to see you pards go. I don't doubt we won't see each odher in dha field dhough.

You are always welcome to pop by and have a few beverines or herbals widh dha Blades (or at least widh me, regardless of what any of my pinkskin pards say!)

Faidh, pride and fury, always. Or, for you, Chaos and Destruction.

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Clara Irontree
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Re: Movin' on.

Postby Clara Irontree » Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:57 pm

You will be missed in the faction.

Go Team Daemon! :mrgreen:
Clara Irontree (aka the Green Elf)

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