Tea Party at the Great Edrejan Fayre 1117

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Tea Party at the Great Edrejan Fayre 1117

Postby Amy Redman » Tue May 02, 2017 11:54 am

Lions, Allies and Others,

I am proud to announce that the Fifth Annual Tea Party will once again be held at the Great Edrejan Fayre, two hours after noon on the Saturday in the Lions Camp. Bring your cakes and bakes. And, I will bring the tea. Previous years of the Tea Party have proven to be a great success, with many cakes being consumed by not just Lions, but members of other Factions too. And, I hope that this year is even more successful than the last.

As per previous Fayre’s we will be holding a bake off competition. The categories being: Best Cake, Best Biscuit, Best Savoury Bake and Best Overall Bake. Prizes are unknown as of yet. But, I’m sure they’ll be amazing!

I look forward to seeing and conversing with you all there.
Amy Redman
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