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Re: Group recruitment

Postby Amy Redman » Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:34 pm

Group Name: Winter Spear

Race & Culture: Any that are legal within the Lions (AKA, no unliving :D )

Group current numbers: We currently have around 15 members, probably more across the factions.

OOC Group Leader Rachel Prince

OOC contact (Name & Email): Rachel Prince happylittledragonqueen at yahoo dot co dot uk

Group Concept:Winter Spear mainly consists of two groups. The Neverwinters, who are a family from Albione, who adopted a few others into their ranks. And, the military/scout group of First Spear which is intended to fill a certain gap in battles, with a heavy emphasis on “Discretionary Warfare” to get an idea of where were coming from if there’s ever a request for a group to be the last out during a rolling retreat we’d volunteer.

Please contact us to discuss your character concept to check that it does fit within the group before booking as a member of Winter Spear. While we are not specifically Invite Only, due to the nature of the group some concepts may not work in the group dynamic, so we are not open to all.
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Re: Group recruitment

Postby Moodywolfly » Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:38 pm

Group Name: The Tribe Of The Harvest Moon
Race & Culture: All and Any - Mostly Fey at moment (and yes we come in different flavours)
Group current numbers: Tiny
OOC contact Name: Damian
OOC contact Email:
Group Concept:We are a group that take in Fey that don’t feel like they fit in to seelie or unseelie courts and give them a place to have their voices heard regarding Fey matters. We also welcome other creatures of the wilds and those that respect Erdreja and places of the wild.

As many of us are travellers we have a variety of skills within the group and some interesting friends in many factions and guilds.

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