Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

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Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby LARGEJO » Mon Nov 04, 2013 9:13 am


* Having my ancestor Ontarix turn up personally to fight me as part of a challenge to become his Warden, getting to bounce the first fatal that he laid down on my (thanks to Paladins Armour) and then, seeing the rest of the Lions join together with me to lay a biblical smack down on him. Thanks to everyone involved in that scene it really made my event.
* All of the RP associated with the wardenship and the Drakken, i've really loved all of that stuff.
* People literally peeling me off Ontarix and pulling the artifact axe that I was beating him with out of my hand - made me chuckle.

* People regarding Dusk as competent and asking him to do/assist with stuff.
* Being given an effect demon sword to use by Queen Lenia.

* Getting to monster Vladimir Follic, the grave-robbing sociopath again, harming some people before ultimately being captured; i'm assuming given how quickly that the monster was executed and the unwillingness to revive him that the monster had very much annoyed the sheriffs.
* Kerrie Ashton as my junior assassin surviving - i'm so proud.

* Getting to see the Squad representing :)
* Enjoyed getting to interact with the ritual/rite people, characters who I have not necessarily interacted with a great deal before.
* Getting to get up in Tatalus' face when he offered me my life if I turned and left the island, proceeding to lay into him with enchanted damage (which did nothing) and then getting the left hand side of my body staved in with artifact crush.
* Jules rite at the end of the event whilst we lying dying or dead, sounding epic and really gave you a sense of what the baddies were trying to accomplish.
* Fozz coming up to me at the end and saying "soon as I saw the plot doc/stats for the final fight I thought 'that's John dead then' :lol:
* Alan lending me his hammer to use during the event, really nice weapon :)
* Getting to subdue Toad (Tommy Cross) with the wonder of destruction when he started hallucinating.


* Unfortunately not getting to do my rite to reforge the Wonder of Emmerix due to it being pulled in favour of other plot rites & because of low power levels - no-ones fault, these things happen, but was still a little disappointing.
* Unfortunately I won't get to do my rite to reforge the Wonder now, however, i will made sure the keystone prop is turned over to the faction so that someone else can attempt it if they wish.

* Shame to see a lot of people lose long-standing characters.
* Losing Dusk and not getting to play him as a dark-incantor at next years mainlines; however looking forward to trying something new and playing a black orc in the Jackals (Throsgaard).
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Re: Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby Jesterface » Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:46 pm


* Acting High Incantor - I loved this. I really enjoyed actually taking more of a commanding role and managed to boost my confidence a little (despite my love of LARP and am-dram, I'm not the most outgoing person).
* Having people listen to me as High Incantor - See above. I always worried that when I try and do things like this, I'll just sound silly.
* Free Blades - Always amazing to be with such eager, keen people, and getting to do an event with Stew/Ezno. Also, some very great RP from everyone. Absolute feels with Alice sobbing over Shunka, and finding out after time-out Hannah/River's reaction to losing Ad/Rodel.
* Seeing Dusk and Squad D take on Ontarix's guardian. Thought it better to watch than add to the utter mayhem, meant I got to enjoy a heck of a show.
* The deaths (weirdly) - They've created such intense RP-fuel.
* Tatalus' mind screws - The visions were chilling. The sound effects were very very creepy at first, but eventually they kinda became amusing and the horror was lost (sadly).
* Shunka as Knight-Captain - Kyle really took to this and was amazing. I wish he could stay on.
* New mask meaning I spent less time on makeup, though the mask needs loads of work.
* Finding out more info about what I really need to do to move towards my Warden 'Speak With Emmerix' rite.
* The "No Damage" song (to the tune of Bob Marley's "Jammin'").
* Pige's screaming like a goat screaming like a human. It took me so long to compose myself.
* Sassing Tatalus, then the ensuing 5p-10p moment when he looks directly at me.
* Henry Kane returning to us. It was sick, nightmarish and so very very wrong. But my word. Words cannot describe how good-bad that was.
* Sarah's chilli chocolate rum. Warm. I cannot begin to express how much I loved that and wanted to steal the bottle.


* Deaths... So many deaths. I feel so numb from it all!
* The weather on Friday and discovering that Citadel 2.0 leaked (my bed pod suffered the most), luckily it improved.
* Losing Dusk and Johnti. Shame to see you leave, man, but I hope you do come back some time.
* Discovering I have 4 scrip left over. I need to drink more at the bar, clearly :D
* The Bards' linear. I felt a little superfluous on this, and didn't enjoy losing most of Saturday daytime to it. I'm sure if I was a Bard member I would have been more involved, but if I'm honest, I didn't feel that I could engage as much and was a little bored I'm afraid to say. Luckily being there with Afrodave, Hannah and Johnti meant I could prat about a bit.
*Not getting to do the Reforging the Goad rite, or my Warden-based Speak With Ancestor rite. I understand the reasons for losing the Reforge rite, and aspects of losing Speak with Ancestor were also understandable, still wanted to do them for a variety of IC and OOC reasons.
* The occasional waft from the bogs. Zesty, playful and with just a cheeky hint of -chunder-
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Re: Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby BrackenSG » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:05 am

Winter Parli 1113 - Playground of Illusion

What a seriously intense weekend. I feel shell shocked by the events but omg was it fun also.
Here is what I can think of, I'm sure there was more


So many deaths. Upsetting to see so many friends lose characters and so many long standing characters go.
Losing Shunka and Rodel. The first Freeblades to go, we will avenge them and never forget their sacrifice.
Not getting Rodels body back. Extreme fear of what has happened to him and his pattern.
The mud, sucked, but it could have been worse I suppose.
The water, hooray for not dying from terrible diseases.
Our new tent leaking and breaking. That's 3 tents in 15months we have lost.


Not having a panic attack in the dark, (just) and only hitting 3lions because they ran at me in the dark and not dropping any of them.
Seeing my cake get eaten so ridiculously quickly, I'm glad people enjoyed it.
Winning the gingerbread house raffle. It's so nice I don't want to eat it.
The camp site - very well sheltered, the wind got really intense and could have been an issue.
The weather, dry for the most part, what more could u ask for at this time of year?
The illusion visions. Really challenging rp, my first dramatic rp I've done, I usually just hit things and sass them.
Trying to kill the Queen, was an IC not for Abby but OC it was awesome to be involved in. Given me lots to work with in the future. Still can't believe Abby wasn't subdued quicker. (Abby is worst bodyguard ever)
Being tied up by Cassie after the incident and hearing Ramsey threaten to arrest her for slavery.
Abby crying when she was told what she had done. Really felt good and the having voices In her head all night.
Protecting the queen while she stealth healed in the Tatalus fight and being able to use a herb to get her going again when Abby failed to defend her adequately.
Watching Liv do lay to rest on Shunka, nice that a freeblade did it, but also nice to see Liv get more involved.
Ramsey calling me 'wingy', makes me smile.
Chilli chocolate rum - OMG
Plot team - amazing
Monsters - terrifying but fair
Talking to new people, making new friends, had a super fun weekend, thank you everyone who was there
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Re: Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby Dead Toad » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:53 pm

The mud!! Seriously, as a slightly mad goblin, that was so much fun squelching through.
Scouting with giblet and moonshadowfinding that i still had most of my speed
Lots of people i had never met before (hopefully) enjoying my antics and rping so well with toad that gave me a lot to play with throughout the weekend
"hey spaff, your new accolite looks a bit like someone i used to know..." followed by pidges 'apprentice' turning around to look like his old character galab!
green knights axe getting nicked in a fight and some people assuming it was toads fault it got stolen
exploding head syndrome and the disappointment in peoples voices while channelling healing when they realsied it was toad
surviving an assassination attemp and having james/gareth granting execution rights
dying expsolsevly; monster: "just to let you know, thats all your limbs and your head i'v magebolted" as another rips open my stomache - if you gonna stop someone healling toad thats proabbly the best way to do it
mass of bodies on sunday before the massacare and just as a monster is about to drop gareth "total mass heal" to the monster who stopps and looks very confused to as wether he can kill everyone again. made me smile
good food
good drink
good people
good weather
good monsters
getting to play myself and people assume its a character :P

traffic; no LARPers fault
burning my phones battery by using maps app cos i got myself lost; blaming toad

not a bad way to come back into it all after a short break :)
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Re: Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby d511kx » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:39 pm

A few "Hots" then - I always prefer to save any "Nots" for private feedback. In no particular order:

- Lots of conversations. Given the intensity of the fighting, I was pleasantly surprised at how many really interesting conversations with characters that I managed to have (often in the middle of battles). Too many to name, but take it as read, if your character was talking with Miles at any point, it counted for a lot.

- The Angst. Oh God, the Angst. I think it's the Am-Drammer in me, but I really like acting - and the layers of angst this weekend gave me plenty of opportunity to play Miles to the hilt (poor sod).

- The food. Now I know how Barry's Shepherd's Pie is so good - it's clearly hereditary. Good food, in plentiful quantities, with enough variety for people with particular requirements, at regular, well timed intervals. What more could people want?

- The rite. I think Miles' opinion on Ancestors is well known, and it's only re-enforced every time the gits won't leave him alone! Gareth, on the other hand, enjoys doing rites (see above, shamelessly egotistical Am-Drammer that I am) - and it's made easier when I have such an awesome rite team to play with and off.

- The small site: Having a small site, and such a tightly confined in-character area really suited the nature of the event, adding a really claustrophobic, threatening feel to things- you could almost feel the walls closing in on the Lions, as tension rose and power levels dropped...

- The battles, epic - the result of a comparatively small character crew, and a comparatively large and committed monster crew.

- Guarding the back of the battle with our valiant little band on the Saturday night. Nothing got passed us! Maybe Miles should consider a military career...

- Going into the battle which resulted in the recovery of the Prince Bishop's body as fireworks exploded in the skies all around - that's what fantasy land battles, with mages on both sides should be like!

- There was a moment, at the point where Puppet-Henry appeared, where the demons were crowing noisily, and, dare I say it, things were looking grim. And then we get, from the PBs (who were still recovering from the death of Sorrentum), a resounding rendition of "The Famous Bishop Hatfield", and suddenly it's the demons who are being drowned out and the Lions are on the front foot. That's a song the PBs have been singing for twenty years or more (although you won't hear it at mainlines very much these days - the lyrics aren't exactly family friendly), it's short, it's silly, but in the circumstances, at that moment, it was the very essence of the Prince Bishop's Own Arrogant B*****ds, that bit which says "We're the blue and gold wall, you've pushed us this far, and now we're going to f**k up your day". It's been a good few years since I wore a PB's tabard (although Miles is, of course, a Palatinate citizen), but that moment still got me "just there".

- Comparatively early in the final collapse, Miles received an order, from an appropriately sashed military commander, to get to the circle. So that's what he did (which is why he was ready to transport out the first group). I don't know how long I was holding that circle by myself, probably no more than a few minutes, but it seemed a lot longer, and it's amazing how intense a roleplay experience you can get when you're entirely on your own. It certainly felt like there were demons behind every tree, and with no power left, and the knowledge that if I tried raising the seal on the circle Miles could probably get himself out, but risk leaving the Lions trapped...I don't mind admitting that my mind (or Miles' at least) was whirling with possibilities at that moment!

- Did I mention the Angst?

- This last one may get controversial, I'm afraid! The restricted number of character places, and with it the lack of visitors from other factions, and NPCs from factions and Guilds, really worked wonders for me. It was so nice to go to an event where it felt like everybody was important, and where the Lions weren't reduced to supporting cast in their own story. It is far too easy for visitors (including NPCs - and I know, because I was one), who often come with the best of intentions, and a fistful of lammies, to overshadow everything. I mean if the Grandmaster of the Pastry Chefs' Guild comes visiting the Lions, carrying the Iconic Crimping Knife of Doom, accompanied by everyone's mate the noble and ancient Paladin of the Tortoise Faction, they might well make short work of the Lions' foes, which is handy IC, and for which the Lions IC would owe eternal gratitude, but OOC, at a Lions' event, I'd far rather see Lions Third Spear Carrier from the Left, front and centre, getting the involvement, the fun, and the recognition - even if the lack of such external support makes it harder for the Lions IC - and not have my faction's players be forced into feeling beholden IC to characters from other factions and guilds who have deigned to come along and sort out the Lions' problems for them. Put bluntly, I suppose, there are four events a year where everybody can play nicely together, but at Lions' events I think every demon that's not killed by a Lion is a pity, and being as strict as the Lions were on the number and make up of bookings this time seemed to me to really increase the involvement in things of a number of Lions, whether newer ones, or just more retiring types, who wouldn't normally be noticed at the heart of things. That's a very good thing, so, at the risk of being torn apart by a baying mob of NPCs and other faction members who know just how good our events are, I'd consider making that change permanent.

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Re: Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby Obsidia Hyskus » Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:55 pm

Well that was epic. And horrific. And mental. Brain is slowly piecing itself back together, but it’s a challenge and Sid keep crying in my head. For an angst-free break from seriousness, she’s pretty damn broken just now.

- Roleplay with Rich/Caleb, Paul/Meg, Emma/Karen, Mel/Kaelin, Dessie/Serrie, Godders/Giblet et al.
- Food and the way the team coped with the water shortage. That just made everything more hassle that no one needed, but iut was very ewll handled.
- Seeing Rory (though this being Armengar, I’m guessing it’s spelt Ruariaiargh) again. That was a blast from the past, and it was nice to finally find out what’s going on with the Lightening Squad.
- Trueborn rebels interacting with people other than just me, though that clearly wasn’t their most successful plan ever. While it’s always awesome to feel special, it did seem a little unfair on all the other people interested in the plot.
- Stand up argument with Giblet. That was fantastic and a sign of how far Sid has come since the timid little healer girlfriend she started as.
- Winning council bingo one last time.
- Chatting albeit briefly in the Darkendale tent with Seraphim. I liked the way their relationship was forming, it's a pity that won't be continuing.
- Watching the sheriff department come together and just work brilliantly. People are starting to recognise sheriffs who aren’t the high sheriff and the aim of having the high overseeing things and the other sheriffs all having a case each seems to be working. Thanks, Mayhem, Nemiel, Ramsey and Fionnuala.
- I appear to have immunity to massacres, I’ve survived an embarrassing number of them through random crazy circumstances. At the moment I’m feeling it would be easier if I’d just died and moved on to angst free rather than have to work out how the hell to play my cheery wee healer who’s just watched everyone she’s ever loved die in the course of 6 months but what the heck, it’s all roleplay and whichever direction it goes, I’m sure it’ll be fun.
- INCREDIBLY EPIC final scene! The monsters all stayed in character and the refs were very tactful in how they handled all the deaths and in letting us know why they were keeping everyone on the floor, but as one of the selfishly non-dead people it was so intense lying IC in a field of dead bodies, looking past a corpse to the corpse of my husband, watching the demons stomping around, crying silently so they didn’t catch the guy who’d risked his life to save mine when Sid was really wishing he hadn’t.
- Getting to walk in at the final muster
- The sound effects

- Flashbacks to that Sammerix event. I hope we’re not going that way but I know I’m not the only person to see it there.
- Trueborn linear never actually running. Possibly due to player action but either way, sad thing.
- Losing nine PBs in 18 months. It’s getting to be a very lonely little tent.
- Being the last void lancer. Someone come back from the void and join me, please!
- I’m broken. Physically and mentally.
- Losing so many characters that I was really enjoying roleplaying with. Particularly Meg, Sorro, Seraphim and Giblet, but also Sheyna, Feldin and all the others. It was fantastic deaths for the most part, but not characters that we were ready to lose.

And because I enjoy them, a few quotes from the weekend.

“So what’s the deal with you guys? Cos I’ve got three gold riding on the bet that you’re dodgy.”
“I can draft an official document if you give me a bit of time, but if I do it just now it’d be in lipstick on the back of the laws.”
“Kell, is there a mission gone out or something? I seem to have mislaid my unit.”
“I prefer it when you’re smudging my lipstick, not smearing my mascara.”
“You are costing me a fortune in total heal potions.”
“I’m not a Darkendale but my husband and some of my kids are. Some of my kids are Freemen. One of them is both. All of us are Hyskuses. Basically all I need to do is join the OEB and I think I’ve collected the set.”
“Can I say amaze-balls in a muster?” “On campaign, absolutely.”
“It’s a shame people bleed out so slowly now.” “That’s true but I am NOT wasting a thirty thirty on that scum.” “You’re a scary high sheriff sometimes, you know that?”
“Thing about him is you cut him open and you’d find ‘Lion’ engraved on his heart.” (note: we decided not to check when opportunity arose later)
“I think I’ve been bleeding for about seven minutes?” “Nine. Just over nine.”
“Have we still got the other guy?” “There was no one else.” “No, I mean the guy who healed me.” “Sid, it’s just you. You’re the only survivor.” “Oh good, there he is.” (I don’t think we came close to leaving him behind, but we might have done).
“I understand I missed a lovely eulogy.”
“They killed the duck? That’s it, this means war. I’m starting an obituary page for that duck.”
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Re: Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby Clara Irontree » Tue Nov 05, 2013 8:46 pm

Start with the bad and then on with the good....

*The sad news that the campsite water was contaminated. So no hot running water which I use to get my hands going when they seize up. So I ended up just as mage instead of fighty mage.
* Knackered my shoulder at work so BFP either.
*Turning up late so had to set up in the cold dark.
*All the deaths.
*Falling out with Sid over a miscommunication. Really gutted about that.

*High fear!! Whoop! I love the fear and the adrenaline! Bring it on.
*Monster team. You were all amazing
*ALL of my body guards. Funny roleplay "Clara!! COME HERE....NOT OVER THERE!! GODDAMIT"
*Being physically dragged over to the transport circle because I was still shouting at a monster and didn't hear the order.
*Getting a Warden for my Island.
*The Ghostwalkers and Crew. First time Clara has been on campaign with them and loved the RP.
*The deaths! Really looking forward to the RP to come and what new characters are generated.
*Charity cake. Nomnom nom
*New command tent, really liked it being opened up like that for this event, it felt welcoming for everyone.
*Holiday Catering! Great food. What a lovely bunch of women. I tried to get them out fighting, but sadly they didn't have enough time.
* Really enjoying Clara and Cassie's friendship, oh and the fact that we seem to go together like magnets when trouble happens.
*New players! Loving seeing them get involved.
*Starting to work out a path for Clara to follow. Really looking forward to building up objectives for her to achieve.
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Re: Lions Winter Parliament 2013 - Hots & Nots

Postby Mavran » Tue Nov 05, 2013 11:32 pm

Becoming Spaff's apprentice! Honestly just in general getting to shadow other mages was just super cool.
Meeting so many folks of the faction, I felt I didnt get to meet that many people at the Gathering so this time around it was nice to get to chat with all of you
Meeting the Freeblades, I look forward to possibly joining you guys
Seeing Kamali and Loran being accepted into the Ghostwalkers
Folks deciding to dress me up as Pigeon's old character
Being enough of a pain to the monsters to get struck mute a few times
Being seconds off dying during the last fight
Even though it was devastating IC, the amazing final battle. The monsters were straight up excellent :)
Awesome catering
Getting to borrow the awesome Mass Enthral Necklace and then severely wasting it

Muuuuuuuuud :(
Raaaaaaaiiiiiiiin :(
So so much death
I need to buy an actual camping mat, sleeping on a blanket is super freakin' uncomfortable.
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