Summer Social: The Wedding

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Summer Social: The Wedding

Postby Kianan McAylwyn » Fri May 09, 2014 5:43 pm

Biadh-bainnse: the Kransen Ceillidh

June 27-29th 2014
The Grange, Coventry

Fellow Friends

Master Kianan McAylwyn would like to announce his retirement from the leadership of the Guild of Bards and his return to the faction of the Bear; he would also, more importantly, like to announce his wedding – to Lady Kenna, Lord Protector of the Wolves. The couple would like to invite their families and friends to join them for a weekend of Caledonian and Norscan celebration – of games, competitions and pitched battles – to celebrate this occasion on the Isle of Orkneyar.

Choose whether you will stand with the bride or the groom’s warbands, to aid the couple in acquiring the sacred items for this rite of passage, to compete to be the champions of the feast, to outboast all comers in the Reiteach under the Ancestors, and to engage in feasting, dance and merriment in honour of the happy couple. Who will win the race to the Hall? Who will survive the Lannister dash? Only time will tell!

Biadh-bainnse is a Bears Faction/Bards Guild plot-lite sponsored SOCIAL event run in association with Scheming Demon in the Lorien Trust game world, for the Bears & Wolves Factions, the Bards Guild, and the friends and allies of the event hosts from the other Factions and Guilds.

Clan McAylwyn and the Bumblebees invite their friends and allies to join them in a social weekend of games and competitions, banqueting and ceilidh, boasting and barding, and pitched battle, in true Norse and Celtic style - to celebrate the marriage of Master Kianan and Lady Kenna.

Online booking can be found here! ... ?&event=28

The event also has a Facebook page here: ... 5/?fref=ts

The price hike deadline is fast approaching, 15th May, as we need to assess numbers to finalise event plans. Let us know asap if you intend to book!
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