The Demon League - Vipers Sanctioned Event

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The Demon League - Vipers Sanctioned Event

Postby Amargar » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:38 am

The long standing affection between the Lions and Viper faction is well known amongst the Heartlands nations. And what better way for the Lions to show their affection for the Vipers by coming along to their sanctioned event to play monsters and stab the Vipers in the face. Repeatedly. Failing that, you can stab me repeatedly instead as I'll be there with Sarah to assist the Vipers.

Keen monsters with a willingness to get their shank on still very much desired for this event.
Bookings can be made here:

24-26th October
Sherratt's Wood Scout Camp
Morrilow Heath
ST10 4PF

Catering by Caggles Catering Corps
Monsters - £21

Event is High combat, High threat.
18+ event
No bunks
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