Feedback for Lorien Trust

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Feedback for Lorien Trust

Postby SteveS » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:50 am

All, we've come to the beginning of the season, and the annual staff meeting is nearly upon us.
As such, we'd like your feedback in order to improve our service.
We'd appreciate it if you can drop your comments here - or if you'd prefer anonymity, via private message or email
Let us know what went well and what not so well over the year.
We'll collate the feedback, and provide to the Lorien Trust for the March meeting.
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Malcolm Krafter
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Re: Feedback for Lorien Trust

Postby Malcolm Krafter » Sun Feb 04, 2018 7:07 pm

Went well:

World plot felt engaging with a real threat level to it that required multi-factional cooperation.
Games Control were efficient and the ques were processed quickly.
The Jade-Emperors' Dragon was amazing
The Hard time in at the Gathering was fun and a great way to open the event.
The event set dressing was excellent
A lot of encounters seemed to take more lower level effects from player characters allowing people to feel more effective.

Went not so well:
Lack of clarity of how high end training was going to work, eventually sorted out but not until Sunday evening into the G.
Changes to research were not clearly communicated. People were, as a whole, unclear how the one library, one research voucher worked. No one seemed to know that a Bank of Erdreja Account appears to be a prerequisite for research until after leaving the field and receiving an email asking for details of the account that will be billed at the end of the research period.
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Re: Feedback for Lorien Trust

Postby Matt Stockton » Wed Feb 14, 2018 10:23 pm

Things I liked (In general, and within the faction)

(General) World plot seemed accessible after GEF, and with a clearly defined arc that gave most factions/guilds either reason to get involved, or a rationale not to. Props, build and costuming were excellent throughout.
(General) Spell cards seemed to be available and go out fast compared with previous years. Games Control queues seemed mostly reasonable, and I liked the Fast Track lane for loresheets, power cards and reprints.
(General) There were no 'features' in the middle of the ritual circle (Beyond the pedestal for the Dagger of Fate at M1, which served its purpose then disappeared). Ritual FX group and talks were very useful.
(General) No issues with camp placement, toilets or amenities. Firepits, buckets and such went out in plenty of time, and Skips were easily located for takedown and morning rubbish run.

(Faction) Direction decided for faction identity at AGM seems to have cascaded nicely. New awning was excellent, and with addition of firepit handled most weathers well, although winter parli was understandably cold. Would like to see us build on this in the coming year, and will hope to do my bit now I'm not bringing everything I need on the back of a motorbike.
(Faction) With one pointed exception camp was clean and tidy, with some minor pickup in the morning (Overwhelmingly handled by Gareth, who will be far better to pronounce if better/worse than previous years). OC camp certainly seemed tidier than previous years.
(Faction) Feeling a faction identity now, and as someone who manipulates behind the scenes IC, can see how much effort has gone into this by the faction DPC's and NPC's. Fantastic job, particularly in the first two main events when staffing was lighter than usual.
(Faction) More volunteers than I could shake a stick at, and no memorable security issues. A few sharp eyes preventing possible incidents, and widespread evidence of common sense from anyone with a radio. Additional props for the flexibility of the volunteer team when rosters required changing due to real-life reasons, or to accommodate the needs of the plot team.

Things I was less enthused about,

(General) Changes to research without wider communication. Surprised a number of the research bunnies. Have given separate feedback already as was unable to submit a winter research request, but worth reiterating.
(General) Vehicle drivers (to clarify, none from the faction) deciding to ignore vehicle restrictions, site speed limits and common sense during final fight, and the one way system in general. May request a blue hi-vis for Mondays next year to help with any confusion.
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