Bakk from Mauritania

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Bakk from Mauritania

Postby LARGEJO » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:02 am

Oi oi,

Me and Spaff av just got bak safe an' sound from our 'oliday in Mauritania, woz gudd fun and only a couple of peepul walked off de Spiral - I woz asked to act az a champion for a Fey Noble in Exile called Lord Hastur and got to blind knife fight de korrupt ancestral avatar Lord Talon which woz gud, although he woz a very fighty and ard opponent and eventually beat me down I woz praized for my 'onour and bravery by de Master of the Challenge and woz told dat I wud alwayz welcome in de Everwood. Spaff also drank sum fey wine dat made him go funny for a bit but he seemz to hav recovered, hiz magiks were very useful in all de fighting.

Although I 'ad been invited by my alliez in de Kurga (a groop of devilz in de Unikornz) it seemed dat the main reezun for the kampaign woz to elect someone Lord of the Everwood, there were loadz of fey lordz competing for it (including Lord Kleever of the Redcaps and Lord Bliss of the Satyrs), the Unikornz were looking to see either Lord Talon purged of the corruption dat affekted him and him crowned or Lord Hastur put in charge. We were attakked by all manner of nastiez from the forest over de course of de kampaign but eventually dey were able to purge Lord Talon and krown him.

Overall it woz a gud an' interesting holiday dat 'az given me a lot to fink about; our alliez in de Unikornz we very hospitable and I ope to return to Mauritania soon.

Redcap, Unicorns faction.

OOC - John Large.

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